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Coach Gallagher is fully committed to nurturing and empowering athletes, enabling them to attain their utmost capabilities both within and beyond Softball. His profound expertise, exceptional leadership, unwavering motivation, and adept communication have undeniably made a constructive influence on Maricopa Chaos.


Coach Adam's unwavering commitment has been an integral component in piecing together the success and advancement of Team Chaos. His skill in adjusting to changing situations, igniting motivation, and his enthusiastic pursuit of growth have collectively established him as a commendable role model for the team, vividly exemplifying remarkable leadership abilities.

Image by Mark Duffel

Matt Gallagher

Head Coach

Recognizing the journey of embracing fresh skills as a lifelong pursuit, I am well-acquainted with the blend of enthusiasm and hurdles it brings. This recognition fuels my determination to stand by my athletes throughout their endeavors. With a wealth of experience catering to diverse player profiles, I specialize in propelling individuals towards their utmost capabilities. Embracing novel abilities and concepts is a paramount route to personal evolution, and I stand ready to offer unwavering guidance, expertise, and encouragement as you embark on this path. Feel free to reach out to delve deeper into what I can offer.

Image by Darrin Moore

Adam Graebel 

Assistant Coach

Achieving success in the realm of learning often hinges on discovering a suitable mentor who can seamlessly tailor their teaching to your individual learning style, current skill level, and aspirations for advancement. With my profoundly personalized methodology, I precisely fulfill this role for each of my players. Maricopa CHAOS boasts one of the most exceptional programs I have come across.

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